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Welcome to ZW Music

We offer you a broad variety of creative musical solutions.

From melodizing to orchestral compositions.

Working together with a huge amount of musicians from jaws harp performer to symphonic orchestra, score editors, lyricists, sound designers, sound and recording studios, speakers and actors in Germany, Austria and Serbia gives us the flexibility to offer you services as your budget allows.

We consider each project as a new born one, we research, experiment till the right solution for you is found.

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Composition, Arrangements, Performance, Accompanying, Clinics, Coachig, Producing.

First of all we are composers and arrangers. But that does not mean that we do collect dust in studios. We are both active as performing musicians, band leaders and coaches. That keeps us on the run and is a great opportunity to get new inspirations, meet other musicians and artists through the entire world. If you need a musical adviser, musical director, solo or coming pianist, or the band for your event or theater staging. If you need a hand double or an actor musician coach for your next movie:

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Our team is a perfect combination of

Jazz & Classic education,

Rock´n Roll & Punk background,

Serbian & German roots.

Try it!



Radio Belgrade (Dox Octet)

BR2 (Thomas Bendzko Bigband)

BR2 (Philipp Weiss)

BR5 Aktuell (Necessarily Two)

MDR Figaro (Necessarily Two)

MDR Christmas 2007

ARD (Marienhof)

EiTB (Spanish Television)

RTS Slovenija

Universal Records (Philipp Weiss)

Sony BMG (Collaboration with Max von Thun)

Linde AG (Film Music)

Bennett Studios New York (Philipp Weiss)

Slowene National Theatre (Maribor)

Schauspielhaus Bochum

Kleine Komödie Munich (with Peter Machac)

Velvet Design

Studio Nordwand

Fine Arts


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ZW Music

Tatjana Zivanovic-Wegele

Peter Wegele

Baierbrunner Strasse 20

81379 Munich

Germany / Europe

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